Does Bay’s Elite Management provide lock-out service?

The short answer is that we do not. Some ask why. If we did, we would charge to make a trip and unlock your door and this fee will exceed what a locksmith we use charges.
You can contact Dan the Locksmith and drop our name and you get the most competitive rate available. Dan Bash can be reached at 510-463-7788 or

What repairs are not covered when maintenance men pay the resident a visit?

Whether or not it is stated in your lease, we charge if the resident puts anything down the garbage disposal and we’d have to get the handyman to come remove the item.
We charge for making duplicate mailbox keys or any key. The cost could be about $10 per key for us to make a trip and make a copy.

Will my carpet be replaced if I am a resident and put a request in?

Generally the answer is no. If your carpet was new when you moved in, you’re almost always on your own. If the carpet was used or serviceable and you may have lived in the apartment for more than the apartment for 5+ years, we may opt to split the cost with you.

Will the resident be charged for any damages or costs incurred by her or her guests during her tenancy?