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5% of our Profits will be Donated to Moms Against Poverty, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by five concerned mothers who believe that, every child deserves a chance to thrive in this world.

About Us

Bay’s Elite Management Group, headed by Pedram Karbassi, started as a family business in July of 2000. After Pedram acquired a triplex in Oakland and completed the rehabilitating of the units, he moved into one apartment and started managing this small complex. Later he acquired another building and started to manage that. By middle of 2001, he decided to embark upon managing properties for multifamily investors as he had found his passion in the field of real estate. Along with managing properties, Pedram started doing real estate brokerage by selling investment properties first at Wells & Bennett Realtors until 2004. He later moved his brokerage and advisory business to TRI Commercial where he consistently closed in excess of $30 Million in 2007 through 2012 where he left TRI to establish Bay’s Elite Investments Inc. (BEI). Bay’s Elite Investments has continued to close about $35 Million in Commercial Real Estate annually since 2012. Bay’s Elite Management Inc. is a subsidiary of BEI which has been managing multifamily assets in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties since 2003. Bay’s Elite Management is a boutique operation that has about 500 units under management.

Bay’s Elite Management Inc. prides itself by attaining and maintaining outstanding client reviews consistently since inception. We strive to attend to the various maintenance needs of our residents efficiently and in a timely manner. Moreover, we keep open the lines of communication with our property owners by being 100% transparent at all times. We are super quick in responding to property owners and residents alike to address their needs.

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As Bay’s Elite Management continues its growth, we work diligently to add value to the properties of our clients while keeping expenses at bay. For our residents, we aim at providing residences that are clean and well-maintained. We express our gratitude to our property owners and residents alike in helping us improve our processes by putting their trust in us.

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1196 Boulevard Way, Suite 16
Walnut Creek, CA 94595


P.O. Box 3492
Oakland, CA 94609