Pay Online

We have set up this 100% secure online payment system which makes the process of paying rent super easy, convenient and secure.  No more writing a check, stuffing it in an envelope, paying for the postage or even setting up online bill pay through your bank which sometimes gets lost.  Once you set up the online payment system and make payments through it, we receive the funds immediately.

Please email us and in the subject line put “E-Check” and we would email you the login information to the electronic bill pay system.  We will set it up for you through your email immediately and you can begin making online rent payments immediately.

Alternatively if you like to pay rent by cash, you may do so as well.  Please email us and in the subject line put “Electronic Cash Payment” and we would email you the appropriate slip.

The best part of it is that utilizing the Online Payment System allows you to get your credit established.  Please click here to see about different ways that you can make payments now.

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